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A statement of policy.
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Author:  stymie [ 07 Mar 2014, 18:40 ]
Post subject:  A statement of policy.

Weetrees was started by John and myself and has always had the reputation of being the friendliest of forums. I have recently deleted two topics which were becoming less than friendly. We came here to get away from unpleasantness of any kind. I'm sure that there is no objection to warning each other of general things to avoid but personal attacks will not be countenanced. If any member causes offence speak privately to them as you wish but don't use the forum for that purpose. By all means tell me about it and if I can't smooth things out or stop the brickbats there is always the banning sanction. Very few people have been banned since the inception of weetrees. Thank you all for making weetrees what it is. =Don.

This is not a subject for discussion.

Author:  stymie [ 23 Jun 2014, 22:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: A statement of policy.

In addition to the above. PLEASE To keep everything friendly, it would be best not to use our famous humour on new members until they have become accustomed to our ways. Imagine a newcomer asking a perfectly normal question getting a load of badinage instead of helpful answers. It's enough to put them off completely.
Plus, we don't do name calling on weetrees.

Author:  stymie [ 09 Jan 2017, 19:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: A statement of policy.

In response to the recent complaints about belt colours or ranks. :shock:

I hasten to point out to all once again, that apart from the black belts, the colours are not an indication of the degree of skill of the holder. They are merely an indication of the number of posts which have been made to these pages. :roll:

May I ask members who have not done so to write their nearest town or city in their profiles.

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