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Author:  Rivulus123 [ 25 Jul 2020, 19:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kaizen Blog

I'm a complete newbie and I have to say that I actually don't mind this guy, ranting or otherwise. Who knows his demeanor on the day, Did something happen that wasn't to his liking beforehand, wasn't there enough sugar in his coffee who knows. The fact that he sits down and writes about bonsai and how to do this and that from his perspective is of great help to someone like me. Wither I implement his philosophies and techniques into my hobby is another thing but at least I'm armed with more information than I previously had.
I will say that I have made a few purchases from Kaizen recently and I have to say that their packaging is superb, especially for pots and trees.

Author:  Gary Jones [ 25 Jul 2020, 22:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kaizen Blog

GP is great if just a little grumpy at times. I think his shop/site are excellent and like you say the packaging is superb. He knows what he is talking about and is generally of good repute IMHO. His blog is a good read as well (grumpiness noted).

The only problem I've ever had, which probably applies to all bonsai nurseries, is when as a novice I bought two expensive trees from him (that's a few hundred quid to me), they were in a compost based organic mix with a top layer of granular bonsai soil. There was nothing to say this and so I assumed the whole soil content would be his mix and as a result I didn't repot. Over two/three years both trees declined. I discovered the problem near the end. One tree eventually died and the other has taken three years to fully recover following a repot. The use of organic mixes is sensible for transporting trees (avoids drying out in transit) and if purchased from the original supplier like that, is cheaper for the nursery to pass on than them repotting. I just wish they would tell people they did this so novices didn't lose trees by not knowing.

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