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Author:  Paul B [Swindon] [ 11 Aug 2021, 13:04 ]
Post subject:  UK Bonsai Association

I am still hearing from people that they would have attended a bonsai events but didn't know about it.

This was one of the main reasons that the UK Bonsai Association was formed to keep us all aware of what is going on in the UK.

It is FREE membership and then you get a FREE email every month with what is going on and also reports from any event that has happened. The latest being the Chiltern Show report and Staverton Bonsai Boot Sale.

Of course it relies on clubs etc informing UKBA and keeping the details up to date.

There is also a complete list of ALL clubs in the UK with meeting and contact details.
Web site............ https://www.ukbonsaiassoc.org/
Events diary....... https://www.ukbonsaiassoc.org/event-calendar.html
Show reports...... https://www.ukbonsaiassoc.org/show-reports.html

How to join........ https://www.ukbonsaiassoc.org/join-us.html Just fill in the form with email address so you get the bulletin.

Author:  stephec [ 14 Aug 2021, 12:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: UK Bonsai Association

Thanks Paul, I was going to post a question about how to find out about events, now you've already answered it for me.

Author:  Paul B [Swindon] [ 01 Sep 2021, 12:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: UK Bonsai Association

ALL UKBA members......... IT'S TIME TO VOTE:- You don't have long.
The close off date for the virtual show has now passed, we have had many entries in all three tree and Pot categories. We would like to thank all of you who went to the trouble of entering a tree or pot.
We now ask all members to choose their personal favourite top three trees or pots from each category. All trees and pots are displayed on the website... https://www.ukbonsaiassoc.org/2nd-virtu ... sai-show...
Can you correctly guess the top in each category. We will let you know in the next bulletin perhaps who manages to get the closest correct prediction.
All is explained on the bulletin which is out today.
All the trees and pots are identifiable by individual numbers beginning with the letters BT or BP, so we would ask members to email their top favourite three trees and pots in each category [maybe copy and paste] as below ukbonsaiassociation@gmail.com
Chuhin Trees
1st=BT???. 2nd=BT???. 3rd=BT???.
Shohin Trees
1st=BT???. 2nd=BT???. 3rd=BT???.
Mame Trees
1st=BT???. 2nd=BT???. 3rd=BT???.
Chuhin Pots
1st=BP???. 2nd=BP???. 3rd=BP???.
Shohin Pots
1st=BP???. 2nd=BP???. 3rd=BP???.
Mame Pots
1st=BP???. 2nd=BP???. 3rd=BP???.
So you know that your votes have been safely received we will acknowledge your email vote after the 12Sep20 when we start to collate the results.
Voting finishes on 12Sep21, allowing us time to have the results available for the October bulletin. All members including exhibitors can participate in the voting process.
It looks more complicated than the last virtual show because of the three categories, so if you have any problems do not hesitate to contact us.
We are here to help and are very grateful for your participation. thank you

Author:  Paul B [Swindon] [ 06 Sep 2021, 21:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: UK Bonsai Association

REMINDER.......... you only have until the 19th Sept to vote on your favourite trees and pots in the Virtual Show. It doesn't take long to email your vote, see the post above for details......... https://www.ukbonsaiassoc.org/2nd-virtu ... -2021.html

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