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Tar Pollution
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Author:  Loufada [ 08 Nov 2019, 17:00 ]
Post subject:  Tar Pollution

Ok... maybe not tar... but sure looks like it!

A few of my trees have moss turning in places black and sticky like tar. I have removed the “pollution” but I am still curious to find out what it is and if others have seen it too...

Author:  Dustmonkey [ 08 Nov 2019, 19:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tar Pollution

I don't know exactly what it is but i do have it on 2 of my trees, a Chinese elm air layer that i left the sphagnum moss on when i potted it and a spruce that is left more exposed to the elements and was only slip potted so still in a fair bit of nursery soil.
I put it down to organic fertiliser and staying wetter than my other trees an it was some kind of bacteria decaying the organic matter?
These two trees have been really vigorous over the summer tho so the black hadn't concerned me but I am curious to know what it actually is.

Author:  Sizzla [ 08 Nov 2019, 19:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tar Pollution

Yeah I think that's just decomposing organic matter, I get that build up on some trees even in pure cat litter. It's probably deposits of bacteria that feed on the nutrients in the soil/fertilizer. I dont notice it much in the hotter months so maybe it's linked to damp pot conditions.

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