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Alternative to Cat litter?
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Author:  Betula [ 01 May 2020, 23:00 ]
Post subject:  Alternative to Cat litter?

Has anyone tried using this? I just saw it today when browsing Screwfix catalogue
https://www.screwfix.com/p/abso-net-mul ... 0ltr/945fx
Described as :-Highly absorbent, hard clay granules for easy cleaning. Leaves surfaces safe, clean and dry. Will not decompose after absorption. Works with most liquids (except acids).
Could it be a viable alternative to Cat Litter or Akadama?

Author:  Will [ 01 May 2020, 23:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative to Cat litter?

I’m sure that’s going to work out more expensive than the proper Akadama?

Author:  Betula [ 02 May 2020, 09:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative to Cat litter?

I just did a quick price check:-
The Screwfix price is for 1x 30litre bag- click and collect £24.99 from local store 5 mins drive from home
For comparison todays price British Bonsai Akadama - 2 x 14litre Bags inc. Shipping £43.95
Also checked and Kaizen price is similar 2x 14 litre bag £35.35 plus £11.10 shipping=£46.45
Please if you have a cheaper local supplier for Akadama in the midlands Id be grateful if you could let us know!!

Author:  Erekose [ 02 May 2020, 11:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative to Cat litter?

The grain size might be quite small if it’s anything like the product I bought from Eurocar parts recently which is sold for absorbing oil spills. It wasn’t for Bonsai use so it didn’t matter but if it’s similar then you might find it too fine - it’s very similar to the Tesco low dust molar clay cat litter.
Sanicat is much closer in size to Akadama and lasts forever.

Author:  Cuchilo [ 02 May 2020, 14:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative to Cat litter?

30l of sanicat pink from pets at home £12.49
My last few repots have shown my trees grow root faster in cat litter than any other medium i have used . Not sure if thats a good or bad thing .

Author:  Paul B [Swindon] [ 02 May 2020, 15:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative to Cat litter?


Give David Cheshire a ring............... https://www.davidcheshirebonsai.co.uk/

My trials of cat litter over several years......ended up in the loss of a few trees and gloopie mess in the bottom of the pots

Author:  richardb [ 02 May 2020, 17:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative to Cat litter?

I bought a bag from screwfix this year and have used it in my soil for the general growing on trees. The size is relatively small but more random than tesco cat litter. There is a benefit with this for general growing on of trees in that it does not break down over time like akadama. I also use this in all my hanging baskets for the water retention properties.

Author:  darreng [ 02 May 2020, 21:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative to Cat litter?

Incidentally, I got three bags of Tesco last week and it was the same size as Sanicat. Which was annoying because I have a bag of Sanicat already.

Ibuki is the best source of akadama I’ve used so far, and I won’t bother switching to find out. It’s sifted and graded so less waste and comes in 17L bags rather than 14L.

His copper wire is also well priced and nice to work with.

Author:  Betula [ 03 May 2020, 07:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative to Cat litter?

Thankyou to everyone for your useful replies- Looks like £12.49 for 30 litres Pets at Home Sanicat Pink is my best option if you folk havent already bought out all their stock!?
Ive never had any problem previously when using Tesco cat litter but they seem to have recently discontinued the good stuff -at least in my local stores.
Ibuki akadama prices seem very reasonable but theyre in Poland so I think shipping costs would be too high and not very sustainable so I prefer to shop local if possible!

Author:  TomB [ 03 May 2020, 10:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Alternative to Cat litter?

Shipping from Ibuki is remarkably cheap. Works out as less than ordering from major UK nurseries if you need to rely on mail order.

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