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Elm styling ideas
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Author:  daryl [ 24 Sep 2021, 11:23 ]
Post subject:  Elm styling ideas

I picked this elm up at a sale recently. I think it is probably a Hillier Elm. It looks as if apart from the initial trunk chop it has had no attention at all.


The centre of the stump has some dieback which will lend itself to being carved out at a later stage (yellow area). On one side of the stump there is a branch which can be trained up to be the new leader (green line) and on the other side is a cluster of stems arising from one spot. I don’t know if they will be needed in the future but I’m pretty sure that the thick straight one in the middle (red lines) should go.




Any thoughts or suggestions?

Author:  Paul B [Swindon] [ 24 Sep 2021, 12:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Elm styling ideas

I agree about the red cut on that thicker branch.

Sink it a lot lower at re pot and damage the bark at root level and then pack area with sphagnum moss in the hope for new fresh roots, [like a ground layer] so that the ugly ones can be trimmed off in future. The area of damage will have to be well below the soil so that it doesn't dry out and kill off any possible roots.
A long term project but I am sure you will enjoy it.

I would also cut into the bark of those thick roots at the point they turn south and pack with moss in the hope for new roots

Author:  daryl [ 24 Sep 2021, 13:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Elm styling ideas

Thanks, Paul. Good suggestions re the roots. They are pretty bad !

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