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Privet dieback
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Author:  Jay [ 08 Apr 2023, 13:55 ]
Post subject:  Privet dieback

I'm not that experienced with privets. Does anyone else get a little dieback ie, twigs not budding out in spring? Nothing major just a few twigs here and there. Is this normal?

Author:  Keith Hansell [ 08 Apr 2023, 14:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Privet dieback

Like every plant they can be temperamental. This winter was another strange one with at one point temperatures dropping dramatically. This resulted in a lot of mine loosing their leaves and not looking over healthy. Thankfully they are all making a come back but a large one I collected a couple of years ago is showing some die back on its twigs.

Author:  Jay [ 08 Apr 2023, 14:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Privet dieback

Thanks for the swift reply and reassurance Keith.

Author:  Keith Hansell [ 09 Apr 2023, 15:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Privet dieback

I have just been for a walk around the garden and had a look at the large privet. Glad to say it is now sprouting well. Its a big lump and in a large plant pot so not easily moveable. I put it in the only place I could find for it in the garden last year. It is a slightly damp spot so coupled with the winter conditions we have had this year I'm pleased its pulling through.

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