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Field Grown White Pine
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Author:  Andut [ 21 Nov 2023, 15:56 ]
Post subject:  Field Grown White Pine

Does anyone have any experience of lifting a field grown white pine please ?

My relatively new neighbours have what I think is a white pine growing in an exposed position in their front garden that they want to remove. It's been there 10yrs + and has plenty of healthy and substantial growth in all directions as it has been left to it's own devices for the duration. I think it's a real shame that they want to remove it, but if it's going to happen, then I'm determined to give it a chance of a future.

I'm thinking of trying to lift it in the Spring next year and will try to keep the soil close to the root ball whilst backfilling a large pot with free draining aggregates, but it's inevitable that I will be removing quite a lot of roots when it's lifted. I'm wondering if I should be thinking about removing some (a lot ?) of the top growth and thining out over the next month or 2 ahead of lifting.

Any thoughts, advice or ideally practical experience would be interesting to read and appreciated !

Thanks in advance !


Author:  johnbaz [ 03 Dec 2023, 20:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: Field Grown White Pine

Hi Andy

I've never lifted a JWP but have read that they hate the rootstocks being completely cleaned of soil!

I think if I were lifting it, Spring would be the time but i'd get a spade and chop the roots a little on two opposite sides so that there are more fine feeder roots next year and longer roots that coulkd be difficult to fit in to a pot can stay in the ground!!

JWP are five needle pines with a white stomata on the underside of the needles although there are other five needle Pines but i'm not sure if they have the white undersides :think:

Hope it turns out good :Big Thumb:

John :201thumbup:

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