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Author:  Crazeegang [ 20 Feb 2010, 01:09 ]
Post subject:  Latest purchases

On a recent visit to my mum's I called in at the local garden centre.

Picked up these two.

The coral bark maple I am going to plant in the garden and then maybe next season take air layers.

The beech I just liked the shape and it was cheap so brought it home.

Suggestions as always are very welcome.

Author:  splendidplumage [ 20 Feb 2010, 01:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Latest purchases

They are quite tall for bonsai use.
But as you say you could air layer plenty of stuff off both.

Author:  jamie [ 20 Feb 2010, 06:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Latest purchases

i think you should plant both out in the garden and get some size to them, right now as is they would only be good to chop down to 6 inches or less tall and then rebuilt, both have very staight sections at the bottom of the trunks- first though broom style.

next thought, in the ground these will thicken with good growth, keep the bottoms for the broom, get some size in the trunks, and air layer several.

third thought- in the ground, cut back to encourage back budding, choose a low leader and chop back to it and grow out. let thicken, choose next leader etc. etc.

just some options :D

jamie :D

Author:  John M [ 20 Feb 2010, 10:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Latest purchases

Toni - just to add my 2-pennorth, I think Jamie has just about summarised what's best for your new trees. What is it about beech that it doesn't want to grow or thicken? Lovely trees - my littleone is almost totally uncooperative. On the other hand, at Kew last week I saw an absolutely glorious little beech in their bonsai collection, so it can be done!

Cheers, SJ.

Author:  Albero [ 20 Feb 2010, 14:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Latest purchases

If you're struggling with beech I recommend Hornbeam as an alternative. Similar leaf shape and they hold their old leaves through the winter as well but so much easier to train and to bulk up the trunk.

Author:  jamie [ 20 Feb 2010, 15:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Latest purchases

beech shouldnt be to much of a problem, i think it comes down to ground growing trees and knowing how to do it, really they need to be ground grown for about three years straight before it is lifted and worked on before putting back in the ground. the way i se it should be done (and willl do when i have my own land, for now i am doing it in grow boxes)-

tree is grown on for three years, it is a known fact that the first couple of years the tree sets itself then in the third year you will start to see some difference. if you can leave it for 5 even better, then pulled up, given a root prune to get rid of any large downward growing roots, fixing the root system up some and making sure it is spread laterally, hopefully in that time a shoot has developed low and hardened enough to be the new leader, i then chop to the leader, before putting the tree back in the ground i place a tile or similar underneath the tree do encourage roots to go laterally instead of down.
from here the tree can be lifted nearly every year or two, allow the leader to grow to about half the thickness of the width of the trunk, the first section before chopping to a new leader, this will slow things down a little but needs to be done to create taper and movement.
continue this every year or two until desired shape and trunk size is acheived. it is important to let the leaders grow as long as they can, sometime upwards of twelve foot tall, if you can get branchs to grow down low and pump energy into the trunk that you want this will help fatten the tree up nicely. with those branches down low on the trunk these can be removed every year or so as to not allow them to get to big and create massive scars, remember smaller branches, smaller scars to heal, i dont mind scars though as i find them a feature of the tree, not an ugly sight, but thats me.
depending on what size tree you are after and how much taper you want depeds on how long it stays in the ground/grow box.

what i have just explained is what i do but in grow boxes. i also grow a lot of ficus and being in a tropical climate i have year round growth so i see good results in a short amount of time. being in the northern hemisphere with the temps you get it might be a little longer etc.

this technique is really only for deciduous and broadleaf trees that back bud readily, DO NOT TRY THIS ON CONIFERS, conifers are a different ball game when it comes to ground growing. i would hate myself if i gave this advice on ground growing and some one went out and tried this with a conifer.

hope it helps any way mate :D

jamie :D

Author:  Crazeegang [ 20 Feb 2010, 15:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Latest purchases

Thanks for your input guys. Looks like I will be digging another couple of holes in my back garden :D

Have got other trees planted in from last year and the year before for practice this year :D

Author:  jamie [ 20 Feb 2010, 16:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Latest purchases

Crazeegang wrote:
Have got other trees planted in from last year and the year before for practice this year :D

good stuff, should have some good size trees to work on then ;)

Author:  Crazeegang [ 20 Feb 2010, 16:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Latest purchases

Is it patience that allows them to grow on or laziness? A fine line I think ::lol:

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