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Ficus Repot
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Author:  jamie [ 18 Mar 2010, 00:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ficus Repot

shango wrote:
Thanks for your ideas, but they seem too complex for a complete bonsai beginner.
I think i will leave the tree now to settle into it's cat litter after the repot.

once you get a better understanding you will find that most things are quite simple and easy to exicute. my advice would be to read as many books as possible and find as much info bout these techniques on the net, the ones with progression pictures are the best as they show exactly what needs to be done :D

good luck ;)

jamie :D

Author:  John M [ 18 Mar 2010, 01:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Ficus Repot

Shango, I'm just moving into my seventh season of bonsai. No hobby has ever given me so much pure pleasure, but it's only now that I'm just starting to feel I am getting on top of the basics -and still loads to learn! So don't be downhearted if you get a feeling of being overloaded with advice. Just take what you can deal with, and store up the rest for when you feel ready to move on.


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