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Magic potions
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Author:  Lee108 [ 16 Mar 2010, 23:18 ]
Post subject:  Magic potions

With the topics of feeding recently being raised, I was wondering if anyone out there also has a prefered tonic/ potion like to use?

A guy at my local bonsai club swears by spraying his trees with a brew of comfry leaves and cigarette butts - he said that he's used it for years on his tomato plants and insists that you never get any aphids!

The only things I've done differently so far is that I've have used superthrive this year for trees I've recently repotted - not sure if it benefits the tree or just makes me feel better! I've also picked up some trace element in powder from a local garden centre and decided to throw that in the potting mix for good measure - we'll wait and see if anything happens!


Author:  jamie [ 17 Mar 2010, 05:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Magic potions

super thrive is a great product to use with relieving the stress of repots and heavy pruning, it is full of vitamins and elements that help the trees.

as for the trace elements i hope you havent put to much in of the powder form as the old saying goes to much of a good thing can be bad. by that if you have to high a level of trace elements than you will see deffiencies in the macro elements.

also i use seasol which i dont think you guys can get over there but that is great for repotted trees and giving them a bit of a lift.

Author:  tazman [ 17 Mar 2010, 20:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Magic potions

the cigarette butts being soaked will release the nicotine (a insecticide) into the solution

Author:  Chris L [ 18 Mar 2010, 00:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Magic potions

tazman wrote:
the cigarette butts being soaked will release the nicotine (a insecticide) into the solution

I was going to give this a go...can't say if it works because i burnt out on the idea after realizing that i didn't smoke enough on my own to make a large enough amount to get away without buying manufactured stuff. The recipe i had called for a large amount of butts to gain a small amount of solution.

And i could just imagine asking every smoker i know to save up their butts.

But i have heard that it is actually second to none for ridding trees of little buggers. :smallthumb: And more than just aphids...


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