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Author:  evo679 [ 21 Mar 2010, 21:16 ]
Post subject:  advise

just orderd this group http://www.bonsai.co.uk/Golden-Larch-Gr ... 61692.html any advise with pruning, root pruning, watering, sun or shade and so on cheers in advance.

greg. :20help:

Author:  Crazeegang [ 21 Mar 2010, 21:20 ]
Post subject:  Re: advise

Hopefully when you receive the group it will not be leafed out just yet. Pseudo Larix can be pinched rather than using scissors. Some frost protection would be beneficial too.

I have been informed that they don't like the roots disturbing when they are leafed out so repotting could be out of the question but you could always ask Corin if he knows when the group was last repotted.

The good news is you are buying from a reputable source and is in decent free draining medium so hopefully you will have few, if any problems.

Author:  evo679 [ 21 Mar 2010, 21:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: advise

is a green house good cover for the winter.


Author:  tazman [ 21 Mar 2010, 21:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: advise

The root ball of larch does not like to freeze....(it can be deadly to the tree) I have heard of putting the pot in to a largish basket filled with wood chips / mulch and then covering the top also with a decent covering of chips / mulch, not covering the foliage. This should let the tree go dormant while protecting the root ball through the winter period.

Author:  splendidplumage [ 21 Mar 2010, 21:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: advise

The group has been outside all winter, has been frozen every night it has got cold and is fine.

It is not in leaf and can safely be repotted this year if you do it soon.

It is not deadly for larch roots to freeze. I think Tazman may be thinking of something else.

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