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Help to save some trees
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Author:  machonachos [ 27 Mar 2010, 14:32 ]
Post subject:  Help to save some trees

Today has been a good day! Found out that my parents tried to start some bonsai off a while back but they were all killed. Went out to see and discovered 3 beech, 2 horse chestnut and a honeysuckle all about 10-15 years old and <2ft.

They are living in normal pots covered in grass and weed and regular soil. Generally they have good shape... some excellent (honeysuckle looks brilliant and has never been pruned!).

Basically does anyone have some good links or advice on what i need to do to keep these trees alive and get them going down the right route for bonsai?

Happy now. =) Went out looking for small hawthorn, found 4 but also the goldmine in beeches and others.

Author:  machonachos [ 28 Mar 2010, 09:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: Help to save some trees

Here they are... the beeches have some dead sections, top right of beech 2 and top left of beech 1. Honey suckle generally ok, ignore the other plantlet growing in its pot... with get rid of this when i repot. Might be able to salvage it though... not sure what it is.

Beech 2 actually has a great curved up root which you can just make out on the right of its pot if you strain.. =)

Author:  RoyH [ 28 Mar 2010, 12:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Help to save some trees

some nice material there & stymie has pointed the way forward :smallthumb:

Author:  machonachos [ 28 Mar 2010, 13:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Help to save some trees

Thanks for the help. I am going to do some repotting today to save these few from the fate of their brothers. I can makeup some free draining medium for these which is no problem as i have the stuff to hand or if better i could go down the tesco cat litter approach?

I dont have much in the way of shallow dishes or pots at the moment so im guessing as shallow a normal pot as i can find would be ok?

As for the pruning, would i need to do anything more than make the clean cuts as suggested? I bet when i lift out they are going to need some serious root pruning too.

I hope that I don't muck this up as they have survived this long with nothing... seems a shame to kill them through some botched pruning. :200unsure:

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