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Author:  John Farnan [ 11 Nov 2013, 19:39 ]
Post subject:  using this part of the forum

Hi all

more and more i get pm's about items listed on here

Can you restrict the items to specifically bonsai related items
I have amended the rules to reflect this.

All items sold or not after 5 days will be bagged as the auto pruning has been activated
Do not keep reposting the same things again and again if not sold

Should you wish to do this contact me or one of the other admins and we shall make a call on it.

This part of the forum is to help get rid of your stuff not to promote your ebay business venture so don't put ebay listings up
maybe try flogging it here before ebay. Items contravening this will be removed without notice or explanation.

Any questions on this post contact me directly or post back here please do not hassle Don or Keith about it :201thumbup:

ALL posts are moderated before they go live so please don't post then post it again when it does not show up

I recently banned a user as they had joined the forum with the sole intention of posting ebay listings.
Sometimes things get by the moderation team so i would ask members to be vigilant as well
contact me directly via the email / PM button and i will look into it :-)

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