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Hello from manchester
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Author:  Gary Jones [ 20 Mar 2019, 22:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello from manchester

Yep - a chinese elm and a healthy looking one as well. Enjoy.

A few pointers.

1. It'll do much better outside medium/long term. Most trees need a lot of light to thrive and that can only be outside. There's a few other factors as well but that's the main one. It can probably go outside now but you could bring it in overnight if the weather get very cold (below zero). Next year it will be fine outside all winter. No misting needed outside.
2. Soil. Looks like compost which is normal and useful for transporting trees but longer term you should re-pot into a granular soil. There's lots of debate about soils but Akadama is very good, cat litter is inexpensive and there are lots of other choices such as ready made bonsai mixes. Read around and ask questions. Also watch you tube videos or ask here for the "how-to"s of re-potting.
3. The rock. No problem with that. Some like them some don't. The only down side is it takes up room in the pot which roots could otherwise use. If you try to remove it, it may be stuck in with glue or resin so take care.
4. Fertiliser. Follow the instructions on the bottle and you'll be fine. It's only really needed when the tree is growing so not over winter next year. I personally use solid fertiliser as it means less effort but of course shows on the soil surface.

Author:  Bonsaibrad [ 21 Mar 2019, 06:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello from manchester

Cheers gary, every point you made is usedul to me! So thankyou! Ive ordered some new soil in granular form so will cross that bridge when it arrives. I will soon be moving into my own house which has a garden so the tree will then go outside
Aslong as i can keep it going until then. The rock came with the pot but i am happy to remove for the benefit of the tree so again we will see when i come to repotting.
I really hope the tree will live until i get chance to put it in the garden. I bought it at the garden centre where it was labelled as an indoor tree. However the more research i do the more it is apparent it needs to go outside, which thinking about it logically makes alot of sense.

Thankyou all again so much for the very warm welcome. Im right at the start of my journey. Already looking at other trees so once im in my own house the fun will start


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