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Last prune of the season
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Author:  13wendy [ 11 Aug 2020, 16:15 ]
Post subject:  Last prune of the season

Hi just a quick question that i cant find the answer to through research.
When in the growing season is the latest time to prune?.
My Chinese elm has lots of shoots again but they're still tender ( so not hard wood yet) also my Japanese larch has some lush fresh green shoots still too tender to prune and my oak has long soft extentions.
It sounds a daft question but it really bugs me not knowing if I should prune in autumn or do them earlier ::dunno:

Author:  richardb [ 11 Aug 2020, 17:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last prune of the season

The oak and elm you can prune back to 2 leaves now or just let them grow and prune back to the buds you want early next year. If you look closely at the larch extensions you should be able to see next years new buds. Depending on what you need from the branch, ie, extension or ramification, cut back to the buds you want now. They will not extend till next year but I think this makes the selected buds stronger.

Author:  john blanchard [ 11 Aug 2020, 22:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last prune of the season

Hi, early August should be the last time for pruning deciduous in the UK. Any later and there might not be enough time for the new growth to harden off before the first frosts. Any new growth will need six to eight weeks leading to the beginning of October to harden off and become resilient to low temperatures.

Author:  Brendan [ 14 Aug 2020, 13:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Last prune of the season

As above.

But remember it takes energy to generate a leaf. The tree invests in new leaves. The leaf then "repays" the investment by making energy. If you cut off a leaf you essentially create an energy deficit. It is better to leave the leaves at this time of the year as they are now hard at work and they are already starting to add to the tree's stores needed for winter and especially spring.

I'd cut off leaves now only if you have a clear plan and a sound reason.

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