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Can I “bonsai” my Christmas tree?...
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Author:  Loufada [ 17 Dec 2017, 10:38 ]
Post subject:  Can I “bonsai” my Christmas tree?...

When choosing our family Christmas tree I came across one that was about 1.5m high, in a pot looking very healthy. Hopefully that’ll mean that it will keep it’s shape and needles until Christmas... but it also got me thinking ... can I “recycle” this tree into a project?
I never had pine tree because of fear on how difficult they are (myth or reality?) and don’t even know what this precise specie is. Any advice, examples, tips would be really appreciated.
The soil looks very contact, like clay.

Thank you

Author:  Sizzla [ 17 Dec 2017, 13:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Can I “bonsai” my Christmas tree?...

Looks like fir to me.

Can it be done? Yes.
Should it be done? Worth a try.
Will it be easy? Probably not!

I'd guess by the time xmas is over the tree will be weak and maybe dead but if it survives, I'd say it's worth a go. Wether it responds or even survives bonsai techniques is a different story though.

In theory they say any tree can be bonsaid, but some species look great with a little effort and some never look great even with a huge amount of effort

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